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When Attic Cleaning Laguna Beach was founded years ago, it was with the intent to provide our customers with quality services that they could always count on to be thorough and at a fair price. A healthy home and family shouldn't be reserved for people willing to pay a fortune! That's why we work hard to provide excellent care and a job that you can be satisfied with at a price that you can afford. We'll always make sure the work is up to our high standards, and your own as well! It's why we're known as the best in California.

Fast And Reliable Services

While you don't want anyone holding things up for too long while working in your home, you also don't want a shoddy job that barely lasts either! Don't worry! Thanks to our knowledgeable professionals you'll be getting speed and quality all in one. We use only the best tools and materials available to assure that the work is thorough enough to stick around, as well as keep your home safe from any cross-contamination that could worsen the air. Professional care means that we’ll tend to your attic in no time and provide a job that you can count on.

Attic Decontamination, And More

Our technicians can easily handle much more than just attic cleaning to take care of dust and debris that's been piling up over time! If your house has suffered from a pest infestation recently, we can decontaminate the entire attic to erase any potential diseases they left behind from waste, and also offer rodent proofing to keep it from occurring again. Mold removal and prevention is also available to keep you and your family safe from the health risk that spores pose, as well as the harm mold causes to your home. Damaged insulation removal and replacement can also be done, and any of these services can be applied to that hard to reach crawl space too! If you want to save more on energy spending, we can install attic air sealing and radiant barriers as well.

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