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Can I stay home when you clean my attic or crawl space?

Yes. Under normal conditions, you are welcome to stay in your home while our team cleans your attic or crawl space. We use the most modern environmentally-safe cleaning products to insure your family and pet's safety. Your health and well-being are always our first consideration. However, if we need to remove any contaminated insulation or anything considered environmentally unsafe, we will let you know ahead of time, and we will always be extremely careful to make sure nothing unsafe comes in contact with you or your family.

Do you offer your services to businesses?

Yes. All of our services, from attic and crawl space cleaning and decontamination, mold removal, rodent proofing, and insulation installation replacement and removal are available to local residential and commercial customers. We pride ourselves in providing these top-quality services to families and businesses in the local area, and always guarantee your complete satisfaction with every visit. For complete information about all of our services, contact our team by phone or online to find out more information today.

Why should I hire you to clean my attic?

There are a number of reasons you should hire our professionals to clean your attic. Pests or rodents have probably infested the area and many of these creatures carry diseases. Fleas, feces, and bacteria can be left behind or may have contaminated your insulation or the dust which can lead to health risks for you and your family. Our team is trained to take effective safety measures to clean and decontaminate your attic properly. For safety's sake, hire our professionals to do this job for you.

What are the signs of rat infestation?

Dark brown droppings resembling a large grain of rice and found close to garbage are a sign of rat activity. You can also find burrows (holes) outside your home in both dirt and concrete, that is, under plants and along exterior walls. And even if you fail to notice their footprints and tail marks, you’ll surely notice oily rub marks along their running tracks.


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