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Rodent Proofing

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Rodent Proofing

Rodent Proofing Services | Attic Cleaning Laguna Beach, CA

Although they're furry and small, rodents like as mice and rats are not pets. They can carry a range of diseases that can be transmitted to humans either directly through bites and bodily fluids, or indirectly, though fleas and ticks. Rodent proofing your attic is the first step in preventing the spread of these diseases and keeping you and your family members safe. Out of all the different parts of your home, the attic is often the no. 1 spot for these pests to inhibit, and making sure they can't get inside it and that it is as less appealing to them as possible is therefore very important.

Directly Transmitted Diseases

Bites and scratches while handling rodents or contact with contaminated bodily fluids like urine, blood or saliva are some of the direct routes of infection. The Pulmonary Syndrome, Leptospirosis, and the Hantavirus, are some of the most common directly transmitted diseases. The best way to prevent contamination is to leave the rodent control activities to professionals who use special protective clothing and tools to clean, remove and dispose of potential dangerous materials.

Indirectly Transmitted Diseases

Some dangerous illnesses can be transmitted indirectly from rodents through fleas, flies or ticks that then bite humans or pets. Diseases like the Colorado Tick Fever, Cutaneous Leishmaniasis and even The plague (with a capital T) are some of the most common ones. It is therefore important to eliminate any rodent infestation in your attic and to humanely remove these pests as soon as possible.

Preventing The Dangers

Prevention is always the best way to prevent a rodent infestation in your attic, which is why we provide a thorough and encompassing service that ensures all possible entry points are sealed; we remove debris and potential nesting material and thoroughly clean out any rodent leftovers inside your attic. We also fill gaps and cracks with caulk and place wire meshes on holes in order to prevent these critters from gaining entry. If these critters have already invaded, we will set non-lethal traps for them and then carefully remove them and their nest, making sure to completely decontaminate the area afterwards.

What You Can Do

In order to reduce the likelihood of rodents picking your house, you should keep your kitchen clean to reduce the accessibility of food and nesting material. Leaving dirty dishes in the sink overnight is another thing you'll definitely want to avoid. Whether you suspect an existing infestation exists or would like to prevent a future one, call our team at Attic Cleaning Laguna Beach for all your rodent control issues. We can help you have a clean and completely rodent proof your attic.


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