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A radiant barrier might or might not be helpful

Attic radiant barriers cut down on the heat that enters your home. They consist of a highly reflective material which reflects radiant heat instead of absorbing it. The technology works well in hot climates, but in cooler areas, it is usually more cost-effective to simply install additional thermal insulation. Our technicians are experts on the pros and cons of radiant barriers in your area and will be glad to inspect and make recommendations about installing one in your home.

Air sealing is vitally important to lower your energy bills

Air leaks are openings that allow air to pass back and forth from your attic. Air sealing these leaks is an extremely cost-effective way to improve your home's comfort and energy efficiency. Even though proper insulation is an important factor in keeping your home comfortable, it actually allows air to flow through it which completely eliminates its benefit. Have our expert technicians make an inspection of your attic for any air leaks and seal them properly.

Intruders in your crawl space can create major problems

If you hear strange noises or scratching coming from your crawl space, you probably have a problem with some unwanted visitors. Another sign could be that your heating system might not be functioning properly. Take a walk around your house and make sure the ventilation screens are securely in place, and even if there aren't any large access points, don't rule out rodents because they can fit through extremely small spaces.  Contact our specialists and have your crawl space inspected today.


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